Humble Beginnings

I started Yellow Rose Candle Co. in 2013 as a high school hobby and way of raising money for my mission trips. I began just making them out of whatever glasses and jars I could find at local thrift stores, but as this little side-hustle grew, I started paying closer attention to my materials to ensure both quality and constancy. In 2019 I married my husband Sam, who became my accountant and business assistant. I began to venture into soaps and other personal care as a way to avoid some of the harsher chemicals that most major companies use in their products. I worked full-time as a nanny until spring of 2020, when the pandemic launched me out of my steady job and into my business full-time. While initially disruptive, this became the perfect opportunity to further explore natural alternatives and ingredients to make the most healthy, clean, and environmentally safe products that I possibly can. Today we have dozens of natural products, almost all of them also being vegan-friendly, that we sell here online, local farmers markets, and small businesses. We strive to bring natural products to our community in north Texas, and educate people on the benefits of natural ingredients for their body.